Iperurania Arts

A small Italian atelier where games and artistic products come to life
Iperurania Arts team
Iperurania Arts team
Iperurania Arts team with Tim Schafer
Federico with John and Brenda Romero

Our artistic workshop is based in Italy and has been founded by Federico Mercurio and Giulia Mariella in 2016. We've been working together on creative projects (games, comics, fictions) since 2012.

We believe that games are a new form of art and game makers need more self-consciousness. Games are the expression of many creative minds involved in making something able to communicate with the audience. Art is communication and games are one of the most complete and direct forms of communication.

Our mission is to make meaningful and high quality games, fun to play, with unique style and graphic.

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Our team

Federico Mercurio

Federico Mercurio

Manager, Programmer, Writer, Game Designer, Pasta Addicted
  • Most played game: Doom (1993)
  • Currently playing: Forgotton Anne
Giulia Mariella

Giulia Mariella

Illustrator, 2D Artist, Animator, Jedi Master
  • Most played game: XCOM 2
  • Currently playing: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Bossy Boss
  • Most played game: Seek & catch
  • Currently playing: Scratching colleagues